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On the growing market of craft beer, participate in the development of a strong group!

An international franchise

Special-Beer seeks to develop its concept across borders to gather easier the beer lovers. Join the adventure.


More than a trend, a market in constant growth

Rate of growth

The global beer market had total revenues of € 378 362 m in 2012, representing an annual compound growth rate of 1.7% between 2008 and 2012.


Market consumption volumes increased with a CAGR of 2.3% between 2008 and 2012, reaching a total of 169,036.9 million liters in 2012.


The performance of the market is forecast to accelerate, with an SAC 2.9% from 2012 to 2017, which should bring the market to a value of € 435 676 m by the end of 2017.

An international franchise

Special-Beer seeks to develop its concept across borders to gather easier the beer lovers. Join the adventure.

The promise of knowledge and tradition


The Company Antre By Vaudrée became Special-Beer in the end of 2013. The Web Shop opened a few month later and B to B services raised. Since january 2014 we offer the franchise Beer-Lovers and full services for export.

For individuals and professionals, we offers a wide range of craft beer, from the six pack to the container we can manage your needs.

Why Special-Beer ?

Special-Beer is a dynamic company constantly adapting to consumer expectations, as well as market changes. For 25 years we work with our partners to offer today more than 800 specialty beers that have made the reputation of Belgium in the world.

  • 25 years of experience in the beer sector
  • A Belgian company that has excellent contacts with brewers
  • An established network of retailers
  • Excellent Google rating

Opening in 4 steps

  1. Study and validation of the project
  2. Research funding
  3. Creation of the company
  4. Signing of the franchise agreementaking Concept Store


An established network

Special-Beer is 25 years of experience in the brewing area. Over the many years we have successfully forged with our partners breweries genuine relationship of trust that allows us to continue working together. These relationships we have maintained the same with the big breweries with craft, which produce in smaller quantities. All this to be able today to offer our customers more than 800 different beers. We obviously continue to look for new partnership to expand the panel.

A site that you referenc

Your future franchise is referenced on the site. It appears in the top places according to research keywords related to the special beer. Customers in your area you can find very quickly a guarantee online visibility. In addition, we set up advertising campaigns through Google for our franchisees.

Ongoing support, a team at your side

A problem ? A question ? Our team is there to help you and find the right solution. And this at all levels, be it logistics, IT and of course zythologique.

A strong brand

Special-Beer, a guarantee of quality known and recognized, present both on the web and on the ground in the world of beer.

Une formation continue

Sale of beer products requires some knowledge and knowledge base. After learning the ropes, we continue to accompany you to train you on new products and to expand your skills.

Territorial exclusivity

The opening of a franchise you are entitled to territorial exclusivity, ensuring all the prospects in that territory.

A key marketing door

We provide you all the marketing techniques means (interior design, logos, presentations, business cards ...) we have to market your franchise in your area. Saving time and significant money!

No entry fee

There is no entry fee to begin the adventure-Beer Special, only the motivation, a project that takes the road and the desire to discover with passion quality products.

Open without delay